Kanika Kapoor Tested Positive Again for Coronavirus

Just when Kanika Kapoor tested positive for the much-buzzed virus called COVID 19, she was admitted to the hospital called Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow. She was tested positive once again after she had returned to India from her stay in the UK. She then had thrown a big party at her place allowing her guest to enjoy, which mostly comprised the high profile guests including the politicians, corporate people and others.

As Kanika Kapoor is kept in isolation in the said hospital, she did complain about the behavior of the hospital staff. She claimed that she is treated like a criminal, which has kept her aloof without giving her the food she had to take. She said even she is not able to take her medicines on the prescribed time as the hospital staff is not giving her the food on time. She said she has to change the room of the hospital every few hours and is unnecessary being harassed.

On the other side, when the questions about Kanika were raised before the hospital, the officials at the Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences denied the same. They have rubbished all the reports that have come to her. Talking about the same, the director of the hospital, Dr RK Dhiman, refuted the claims of the Baby Doll singer. he said that the staff is taking proper care of the 41-year-old singer and that the rooms are cleaned every four hours to maintain the hygiene of the hospital.

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