Radhika Apte Visits Hospital Amidst Coronavirus Lockdown, know why

Just when the country is on the call for a 21 days lockdown due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, we see everyone restricted inside the four walls including people from the B Town. Although one can see many of the actors posting one thing or the other on their social media handles, we hear the talented actress Radhika Apte visiting the hospital.
She had shared the photo with a mask on her face while being in the hospital. Many have raised their concern as to why she visited to which she replied that she has gone for her normal check-up and her visit has nothing to do with Coronavirus.
She had shared her photograph on her Instagram page where one can see her waiting for the doctors with a mask on her face. The actress has appeared in public for the first time as she has gone for a self-quarantine with her musician husband Benedict Taylor stays in the UK. Check what she has written. She keeps on coming to Mumbai and returning to the UK to divide her time equally with family and work.

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