Rani Mukerji Speaks on being misunderstood several times: You don’t have to be miss congeniality and make all happy

Rani Mukerji, who was last seen in Mardaani 2 was recently spotted with Karan Johar, Karishma Kapoor, and Manish Malhotra enjoying vacay in London. As the actresses bumped into each other in another part of the world, they chose to catch up over a cup of tea. In a recent interview with HT, Rani talked about her fans. She said that more than stress, it’s a relief because as actors, they seek people’s reaction, their love, faith, and adoration. In her case, her fans have kept her related even though she is not on social media, which is critical these days.

Rani further added, “So, if I still have a fan following that means I’ve probably earned it through my work. I feel blessed and their excitement towards my work has always been a positive critic in my life. I’m always charged to do better with each film of mine as don’t want to disappoint them.” About being misunderstood sometimes for some views or opinions, the Mardaani actress replied, “As long as I’m making sense to some people it’s good enough. You don’t have to become Miss congeniality and make everyone happy. You’ve to understand that sometimes there is a certain belief that I live by. I’m open to criticism and advice that I should accept, follow. I believe in my position when people ask me questions, I’ve to answer them. They ask for advice too… And I give my point of view more than often.”

On giving an opinion when she is not asked too, Rani replied, “Given my profession, fortunately, or unfortunately, I’m made to give an opinion on different topics. There are certain times and things I feel strongly about and react to. But I understand when someone doesn’t like or accept it, they aren’t entitled to. That’s his or her right. Similarly, if somebody gives me an opinion then I too have the right to be okay or not.”

On the work front, Rani Mukerji will be seen in a cameo in Bunty Aur Babli 2 with Saif Ali Khan.

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