Shahzeb Tejani believes he’s a “student of music”

Shahzeb Tejani
Shahzeb Tejani

Shahzeb Tejani is emerging as one of the most loved artists after the emotional hit release “Tum Ho”. Zee Music Company and Shahzeb Tejani Teamed up after one year for “Tum Ho”, which resulted in great success. Even after the grand success of “Tum Ho” Shahzeb says “I’m a student of music and I will continue to grow as a musician”.

The concept of “Tum Ho” revolves around the subject of unspoken emotions of love. In the video, you can see Shahzeb having difficulty expressing his emotion to the girl which later is expressed with a cassette of the song “Tum Ho”.

Not only did Shahzeb write the lyrics to “Tum Ho”, but he also sang and composed the song himself. The song has achieved over 1 million + views in just a few days of the release and has received a great amount of positive feedback from the audience. His fans are eagerly waiting for him to announce his next release.

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