Sunny Leone to be seen in horror-comedy webseries ‘Koka Kola’

Just when the former porn star was busy promoting her ideas to shun animal made products with PETA India, she is now making headlines for bagging a key role in a horror comedy web series called Koka Kola. When asked to comment on the same, she said that she cannot reveal anything about at this moment, however, claimed that she is very much excited to be on board.
She said likes to be the part of comedy genre project as it helps people to laugh and put smile on their faces. Sunny is also known to have a great sense of humor, which can be seen in the said show as well. People who have worked with her claim that she has an impeccable comic timing. Interestingly, she has also slashed her fees as she has asked the makers to donate the said amount to St. Catherines Home in Mumbai.
Talking about the same, she said that this idea came from her husband who along with her visited the said home in Mumbai. There she came in touch with people who were in pain. The couple also adopted on girl called Nisha from there. The couple also have tw more kids called Noah and Asher, who were born via surrogacy. Stay tuned to now more about this web series and Sunny only with us.

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