When Kartik Said He Does Films only on Women Defects leaving Sara Stunned

As Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan are gearing up for their next film Love Aaj Kal, which is all set to hit the screens next Friday, we see them busy promoting their film in the media. Thus they are seen talking and interacting with media and their fans along with others to create the buzz for their film that is releasing on Valentine’s Day hitting on 14th Feb 2020.
They have not left a single place, right from appearing to popular reality shows to portals and radio FMs, allowing everyone to promote the film the best. Recently, when Kartik and Sara visited one FM Studio and seen talking to the audience with the RJ, Kartik got an interesting question. The RJ tried to compare him with Ayushmann Khurrana to which Kartik gave an interesting answer that amused his co-star Sara a lot.
Well, if you have not checked what he said, then better note it down. Kartik was seen saying that Aysushmann Khurrana does films with men with defects while he does movies with girls having some defects. This Amused Sara and then she said was her character Zoe was defective in their film to which he started singing the song – haan galat hun.

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